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  Toucan   Cala Lilies   Old Carnegie Library in Nevada City   Tigerlily   Quetzel      
Toucan in Paradise   Grammy's Cala Lilies   Old Nevada City Library   Tiger Lilies   Quetzelquatl      
23'x19.5"   30.25x22.5   11" x 17"   7"x11"   11.25"x17.5"      
Glass Beach redeye Barga Train Lucca1 Jack      
Glass Beach   Red Eye Tree Frog   Barga Train Station The Way in to Lucca   Jack's Summer Place      
30.25"x22.5"   7" x 5.5"   10"x5.5" 7"x9.25"   22.5x24.75      
  Forest   Bridgeport Rocks   Puccini   Cornwall   Penzance      
  Sara's Forest Bridgeport Rocks Puccini's Wardrobe   Cornwall Countryside St. Mary's Penzance      
  30.25"x22.5" 17" x 13.5" 7"x9.25"   8.5"x7" 4"x6"      
  Lucca2   Iguana   Coxcomb   Asilomar   Dynasties      
  The City of Lucca Iguana & Morphos Coxcomb Jaguar   Pacifc Grove at Asilomar Dynasites Neptunas      
  9.25"x 7" 9" x "17 19.5"x 4.25"   4.5"x 9.25" 6.5"x 5.5"      
  Glasswing and Fungi                      
  Glasswing and Fungi                      
  11.5" x 13"                      
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